Community Charter Voicepark
Voicepark is a private online community where we have invited a select group of people to become our trusted advisors, contributing to the development of products and services in the consumer marketplace. We are excited to share exclusive survey opportunities specifically suited for you.  To do so, we’d like to learn a little bit more about you, your unique lifestyle, and how we can improve your experience with us.

As a member of this community, you will receive frequent emails inviting you to participate in, surveys and discussion boards. It is our hope that you will drop in and see us once a week. Your feedback is very important and will help shape future offerings. In return, we will regularly share with you how your feedback is used to inform various products, services, and ideas.

For more information on the rules of the community, please view our Rules of Participation. Thank you for being part of the Voicepark. Your opinions impact the world around us all and we greatly value your partnership!